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Handmade, Natural Paw and Nose Balm - Moisturizing - Eco Friendly - Heals Cracked, Dry Skin - Anti Itch - Protect Against Elements

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This hand made, all natural Paw and Nose balm contains the ideal ingredients that will help protect your pup (or kitty) from cracked skin and itchy or irritated paws or nose.�

Our paw and nose balm is packed with organic, healing ingredients like olive oil, comfrey leaves, calendula flowers, and bee's wax that are used to help heal scrapes, irritation or inflammation, and dry or cracked skin.

These ingredients help protect your pet from the harsh salt, snow, ice, hot pavement, and more!

The eco-friendly packaging allows for easy application. Don't worry if your furry friend licks it - everything is all natural and safe.�

We make our balm with love for your pet and our Earth right here in the USA.